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We Need Your Help!



It's Colin Bowles, I am the Co-Founder of 2W Productions and  the writer and director of our next film, Charlatan. We are set to start production in April.

The Logline is: A young law student hosts a long weekend at his newly inherited estate but finds hiding the unknown harder than it should be.


It's a script that I am REALLY proud of and after the learning experience that was Yuppies, this film will be really good. It's currently in the semifinals of a national screenwriting contest so that makes me even more proud. 


We already have a crew and our actors, and they are really talented. The only downside to having a really talented crew  and actors is that you have to pay them. I took out a loan for Yuppies and I am trying really hard not having to do that for this film, hence why I am asking you. 


Looking for funding for a film is one of the most draining and cumbersome things to do. I say that because I would not be asking you if I didn't think this film was worth it. 

Anything you can give will help greatly and we certainly hope to not disappoint with this film!



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