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Making a reel is hard work so we want to do that for you and eliminate any stress and time that would take away from you creating and auditioning!


Here’s the three ways of how it works:

A ) If you know what you want and the clips you want, you send us your clips and we will create a reel from that.

B) You don’t know what would make a good reel for you, so you can send us things you’ve been in, it can’t be the full movie or sketch, or just clips of you. And we will use our judgment and experience to cut you together a reel.

C) You are a great actor but you just don’t have anything for a reel. No worries! You can come to us and we will film some scenes! We customize the scenes based on what genre you are looking for. We will use those scenes to put together an amazing reel!

This is about you, so if you aren’t satisfied with what we have come up with, we will reedit it until we get it right!

Also! If you want us to edit your short, sketch, film let us know! We would be happy to get you a quote.

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